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Peter JSB
Subject: Speaker Phone Problems

Have you ever worked in an office where someone insist upon listening to their voice mail using the speaker-phone (at full volume, naturally). It can really begin to bother you after a while.

I found a fairly easy fix for that, though. I have my wife call his desk when he's not there and leave a message like "Hi, this is Candy from Hot Gay Men. You haven't paid for the 'toys' we sent you, you naughty boy. You wouldn't want me to come over there and spank
you, would you?"

It is the last time you hear that particular speaker-phone, I can
assure you.

Posted: 2014-May-15   09:49

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Wendy / Athletics Weekly
thats so bad peter ! but funny x

Posted: 2014-May-16   10:10

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