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"The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" trilogy (!!) by the late Douglas Adams.

Oolon Colluphid wrote some brilliant books too :-

"Where God Went wrong", "Some more of God's Greatest Mistakes" and "Who is this God Person Anyway ?"

He is also said to have written two additional books entitled "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Guilt But Were Too Ashamed To Ask" and "Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Sex But Have Been Forced to Find Out"

Posted: 2017-Jun-27   08:36

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Peter JSB
"Fifty-three More Things to do in Zero Gravity" but I don't know who wrote it - can anyone enlighten me ?

Posted: 2017-Jun-27   08:38

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Peter JSB
I told a friend about my "elude" game a few years ago and he gave me a book called "Game" by Anders de la Motte. Here is an extract :-

In Game, Henrik “HP” Petterson, a slacker with a big ego and no impulse control, finds a cellphone that invites him to play a mysterious, high-stakes game. HP loves the thrill, but it soon becomes clear there is something more sinister at play. In Buzz, HP is newly wealthy due to his success at the Game, but he misses the excitement. When he meets the beautiful and enigmatic Anna Argos, she throws HP’s life into chaos, pitting him against a threat whose existence he cannot prove. In Bubble, HP is living off the grid, hiding from both the police and the makers of the Game. With everything at stake, HP resolves to complete one final mission in order to expose the Game and finally uncover the truth behind it.

I enjoyed it so much that I bought the other two book in the trilogy: "Buzz" and "Bubble"

Posted: 2017-Jun-27   09:37

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Mobile Mike
John Varley wrote the Gaea Trilogy in 1979. It featured three books: Titan, Wizard & Demon. Here is a write-up from Wikipedia :-

A scientific expedition to the planet Saturn discovers a strange satellite in orbit around the planet. Commanding the ship is Cirocco Jones, a tall NASA career woman, aided by astronomer Gaby Plauget, the clone twin physicists April and August Polo, pilot Eugene Springfield, physician Calvin Greene and engineer Bill.

As they reach the satellite they realize it is a huge hollow torus. Before they can report this the ship is entangled in cables from the object. The crew is rendered unconscious and later wake up inside the habitat. Initially separated, Cirroco and Gaby find each other and travel together through the world inside the torus to find the rest of the crew.

As the story progresses, they find Calvin living as a companion inside a Blimp, an intelligent gasbag 1Km long, one of many that swim forever in the air inside the habitat. Calvin can speak to the blimp and understand its responses, which consist of whistles. Calvin helps Gaby and Cirocco find the other crew members (except April). He ultimately decides to leave his human companions to live with the blimp permanently.

The remaining companions encounter the Titanides, strange centaur-like beings who speak a language based on music. Cirocco finds she has the ability to speak their language. The Titanides are in a perpetual state of war with the Angels, birdlike humanoid creatures. They fight because of an impulse that occurs when they are near each other, but do not know why they have the impulse.

The humans learn from the Titanides that there is a controlling intelligence, called Gaea, and it lives 600 km above them, in the hub of the torus. Cirocco, Gaby, and Gene decide to climb up to this place using the support cables that maintain the structure against centrifugal force. During the journey, Gene's behavior becomes increasingly erratic. He rapes Gaby and then rapes Cirocco. He thinks he killed Gaby while he gives chase to Cirocco only Gaby is not dead and eventually cuts his ear off with a hatchet. After he passes out Gaby destroys his face. They get rid of him and keep going. Months of climbing brings them high in one of the spokes of the great wheel. There they find April, who has been transformed into an angel.

Finally reaching the hub, they discover Gaea, who presents herself as a frumpy middle aged woman. She explains that the great wheel is very old, and some of the regional intelligences around the rim have rebelled against the center. It was, in fact, one of these regional intelligences that had captured the Ringmaster and altered its crew. Gaea rescued them and, unable to change them back, placed them where they would be happy. She makes an offer to Cirocco: in exchange for long life and unusual abilities, she can be Gaea's agent at the Rim, her Wizard. Cirocco accepts, with the condition that the war between the Titanides and Angels must stop.

Gaea's personality is that of a movie addict. She has been watching television signals from Earth and is obsessed by movies, especially from Hollywood's Golden Age. The Titanide-Angel war was the result of her having seen war movies, and realizing that humanity will inevitably declare war on her. The war is a way for her to practice.

Posted: 2017-Jun-27   09:54

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Peter JSB
I read these books years ago but lost the last two books in the trilogy during my many moves in the army. I managed to get the 2nd book, now just after the third.

Posted: 2017-Jun-27   10:00

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I might have the 3rd book ...

Posted: 2017-Jun-27   12:19

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Peter JSB
I was quite fond of reading books by Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke, they inspired me when I was a kid.

Posted: 2017-Jul-15   08:56

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