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Peter JSB
As Barney Stinson (from US TV program: "How I Met Your Mother") used to say "Suit-up dude !". He wore a suit for almost every occasion particularly when chatting-up women.

If you live in the UK where is the best place to get MtM (Made To Measure) suits. If you live near London you are spoilt for choice but Savile Row is probably the best place.

I use 40 Savile Row for all my MtM suits and they start at £1,000 so no need to set-up another mortgage each time you buy a suit. If you choose to use this shop, look for Max and give him my regards.

Posted: 2017-Jun-10   13:07

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I used to watch that program too. I think Robin (played by Cobie Smulders) is the sexiest thing on 2 legs !

Posted: 2017-Jun-10   13:12

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