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Peter JSB
Earlier in 2018 my GF and I were looking around Spain with Google Maps. We came across a town called Sitges and decided to stay there for a few days. A few weeks later I booked the flight, Car and hotel via Expedia. As we are both with EE, we were able to switch to the Spanish mobile network automatically with no extra charges. To use our debit cards we just made a purchase at the airport and this alerted our banks that we were going abroad.

We were picked up by AresMobile. Our driver explained the Spanish / Catalonia problem as he drove us to the DOLCE hotel which is lovely. It's shaped like a semi-circle with 4 pools in the middle, a spa, gym, restaurant and a bar. The room had a king-size double bed, balcony with views over the Mediterranean sea and Sitges a few miles away, huge 55" TV, A safe and all the refinements you would expect from a 5 star hotel. There are also rooms for conferences.

The day after we got up, admired the sea views from our balcony and went for our Champagne breakfast downstairs. After breakfast we decided to explore Sitges. There is a bus stop outside the hotel which gives you the expected time of the next bus. The display just said "Calculendo ..." (Calculating ...) so we grabbed one of the many taxis waiting outside the hotel. Sitges is about three miles away so the taxi fare is about 9EUR.

The next day we decided to go to Barcelona to see Antoni Gaudi's work so we took a taxi from the hotel to Sitges, then the E16 coach to Barcelona and then we took the Metro from Plaza Universitat to Sagrada Familia on the L2 (Purple) line. The Metro is much like the London Underground only newer, cleaner and mostly in Spanish, which despite neither of us speaking Spanish, wasn't a problem as the locals are quite friendly and certainly willing to help. The building Gaudi designed and built is quite spectacular and extremely popular. We got there at 11:30 but the only tickets we could buy were for 19:00 so we had 5 hours to kill. In Barcelona this is quite easy to do with all the restaurants serving us CAVA Brut by the gallon !

You can read about our experiences here

Posted: 2018-Jun-19   10:06

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Dark Dave
CAVA Brut ! I prefer the real-deal: Champagne. The Dolce is quite a good hotel.

Posted: 2018-Jul-27   10:44

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Peter JSB
Nothing wrong with Cava Brut ! The Dolce hotel looks a bit like a giant white fortress when you look at it from Sitges town.

Posted: 2018-Aug-25   15:53

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